Shutter Special: Kids of Kandingan

In December 2017, I was fortunate to be given the chance to join an event that brought joy to kids of an elementary school at barangay Kandingan in Aloguinsan, Cebu, Philippines. It was an early Christmas celebration for all pupils of the school. It was a day filled with fun games and exciting activities that surely made all the kids smile.

Star . Bituon . Estrella

The star is one of the best known symbols of Christmas. It represents the Star of Bethlehem which is believed to have guided the three wise men to the manger where Jesus Christ was born. Indeed, the star had a stellar part in the beautiful Nativity story.

Playful Shadows

A shadow is an interesting subject. I even think it has a life on its own. There are even times when the shadow looks more visually appealing than the real subject where it was cast from. 

Capturing a Tarsier: Bohol’s Cutest Unofficial Mascot

The Tarsier is the most famous resident of Bohol. It is very adorable that it is not surprising that everyone wants to capture it, through their cameras. It is a protected endangered creature, so it is illegal to own one. Keep that in mind!

Sunset and Its Magic

Sunset is one stunning subject to capture. There is something during sundown that intense yet relaxing; serene but spellbinding. The colors produced during this time of the day are breathtaking and magical.

Playing with Multitude of Colors

Color is Life. Vivid colors are attractive. You don’t need to be an artist to appreciate colors. In my photos, I actually prefer my colors highly vibrant because they give energy to the image and draw more attention.