PHOTOgioRAPHY. At first, the term was coined just to have a moniker to use as a watermark for my photos. It was an advice by some of my friends in order to avoid having my photos stolen by someone else (photograbbing). Every time I share or post my photos online through my social media accounts, they are marked. Until, one day I blindly decided to launch this blog and named it PHOTOgioRAPHY. The term is a play on words Photography and Gio.

Gio is my nickname. You can also call me Jun-jun, my other nickname. That’s what my parents call me. Other people also call me Jovanne, my legal first name. It is pronounced in two ways: /jōvan/ and /jōvanē/

I am an only child, but I claim that I am not spoiled nor a brat when I was a kid. I was born and raised in Bohol, Philippines. I am a licensed Electronics Engineer.

I am a Mobile Photographer!

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