Sunset and Its Magic

Sunset is one stunning subject to capture. There is something during sundown that intense yet relaxing; serene but spellbinding. The colors produced during this time of the day are breathtaking and magical.

Playing with Multitude of Colors

Color is Life. Vivid colors are attractive. You don’t need to be an artist to appreciate colors. In my photos, I actually prefer my colors highly vibrant because they give energy to the image and draw more attention.

Shutter Special: My Wonder Woman (Part 1)

Even before Gal Gadot made headlines as the new superheroine, there was a woman who has been playing the role most of her life. She may not have the superpowers, but her strength is immeasurable. She is Alice. She is my Wonder Woman

Shedding Light on Low Key Photography

Low Key is a style of photography that is dark and dramatic. It employs predominantly dark tones and lighting effects to create contrasts and make a scene more mysterious and moody.

The Art of Flat Lay

Flay lay is a trending style on social media. At a glance, it may look easy to achieve but doing it yourself can be tricky. It actually allows your creative juices to flow. Whether you are a minimalist or a clutter-guy, you can use this style of photography to express your artistry.

Dark Beauty of Silhouettes

Capturing stunning shots of silhouettes is one difficult task. Finding an interesting shape and taking a snap of its outline against the source of light does not only take keen eyes but also a pinch of luck at the side.

Shutter Walk: One Morning with the Kids of Carbon

In January 2017, 4 months before I created this blog, I went to Carbon Market in Cebu City, Philippines to do my first ever photowalk. I was joined by two of my friends. Since it was my first time, I really did not know what to expect and how the activity would turn out. I…

Shutter Special: Gwyn’s Day

Today, May 28,  is the birthday of my very supportive friend, Gwyn. She has been one of my lovely muses since I started with mobile photography. I dedicate this special blog post to her. I have known Gwyn for more than 3 years now. We were former workmates. She is also an ECE like me….

My First Winning Photo

A first of many firsts. As my first blog post, I decided to share with you my first winning photo entitled “Hot Seat”. This photo was my entry when I joined a photo challenge for the first time in February 2017. The contest was organized by a facebook group called Cebu Mobile Shutterbugs. Fortunately, my…